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Jan 28,  · Essay on Superstitions in India. Category: Essays and Paragraphs On January 28, By Sanjoy Roy. Superstition refers to the excessive belief and ‘blind faith’ for the supernatural. It is the belief in some customs, rites and rituals that are usually baseless and without any reason. Another superstition is that if a person dies of drawing, some spirits await him. The difference is that India is still more given to superstitions while these are fast disappearing in other countries except in a very few backward ones. Short essay on Popular Superstitions ; essay, sample, superstitions. Superstition: Superstition And Superstition Essay Words | 8 Pages. Superstition, often a word that is used to describe an event as bad or good luck, failure, supernatural and the world that is unknown. Superstition played an important role that took place several times in the story.

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Superstitions are as old as man. The earliest men who had no scientific knowledge fell on easy prey to superstition, superstition essay. Thus, illiteracy and lack of knowledge and capacity to reason out superstition essay the hotbeds which generate and perpetuate superstition. Mahatma Buddha was probably the first great man to expound and explain the value and significance of reason which eliminated superstition altogether, superstition essay.

He emphasized that everything should be thoroughly studied, judged and tested before being believed. Later, many other great men like Guru Nanak and Kabir exhorted the people to shun superstitions. Many people may believe that faith is also a form of superstition.

Superstition essay, as we can see if we think deeply, there is a difference. Faith is a positive factor whereas superstition is a negative factor. Earlier, superstition was rampant in villages. The belief in ghosts was common, superstition essay.

It was believed that these ghosts operated at night and that they were visible to some people and invisible to others. Taking advantage of this many clever men burned into tan tricks and controllers of ghosts.

They cheated the superstition essay villagers. Unfortunately, even at present, superstition essay, such clever men are at work. There are many kinds superstition essay superstitions which are observed by common people.

The throbbing of eyes, a cat crossing our way, coming across superstition essay Brahmin-all these are believed to be inauspicious. The cawing of a crow indicated the possibility of a guest visiting our house that day.

Similarly, if we come across a sweeper early in the morning, superstition essay, it is considered to be auspicious. We should try to develop a scientific spirit of mind and judge everything on the basis of reason. Superstition essay are widespread.

They are found throughout the world among people in some form or the other. They more prevalent among illiterate and uneducated people. With the advancement of knowledge, learning and science, superstition essay, they are gradually losing ground, yet they hold their sway superstition essay among educated people of the society.

A belief based on ignorance or fear is a superstition. A superstition is never rational. It is always against the known laws of science and reasoning. Superstitions have many forms and practices. Beliefs in charms, omens, super-natural powers and beings, etc. What is mysterious, unknown, and inexplicable generally because fear, and fear in its turn generates superstitions and blind-beliefs.

Psychologically, the sense of insecurity, fear of ill luck and the dread of inexplicable forces in nature give birth to superstitions. Superstitions may differ from place to place, community to community and country to country, yet they have common origins. They originate from fear and lack of knowledge of things. When some phenomena cannot be explained and understood, people start fearing them and assign them divine and mysterious origins. In ancient times all races and people were governed by superstitions.

Superstitions found rich and fertile soil in human ignorance and lack of scientific knowledge. The less a race is enlightened, the more it tends to be superstitious. Some vested interests like priestly class, etc.

Superstition essay of our religious rituals and rites are blind beliefs and tricks played by the priests, etc. The superstitions have caused mankind a lot of positive harm. The hold of superstitions on mankind is still strong. In spite of advancement of science and technology people suffer from superstitions and complexes born out of them. They regard it the most unlucky number.

They avoid it at any cost because they think it ominous and fatalistic, superstition essay. It is a taboo for them. This superstition has its origin in the last Supper of Christ. When Christ supped last, there were 13 persons, and soon after that Christ was crucified. Because of these superstitions many godmen priests, so-called astrologers, palmists and occultists are having roaring business.

The gullible and superstitious people throng their shops and willingly get duped. Superstitions have various forms and manifestations. At some places it can be seen in the worship of snakes, superstition essay, animals, superstition essay and the practice of witch crafts. At others it is observed in the form of animal and human sacrifices.

Sometimes a superstitious person does not superstition essay even in sacrificing his own son or daughter to propitiate a god or goddess, superstition essay. There is no limit a. Much of bigotry and fanaticism have their roots in our superstitions.

Many times a woman is burnt alive as a witch or sorceress. It reminds us of Jaon of Arc of France who was burnt to death because she was considered a witch by the invading English army. In many villages and towns superstition essay are houses, places, trees and caverns believed to be haunted by ghosts. The graveyards are supposed to be frequented by these spirits, and should therefore be avoided, at night and at odd hours.

If anybody dares to go there at odd hours, he or she is bound to be possessed by the evil spirits. The only remedy available is rationality and scientific temper. The more the knowledge based on facts, the lesser the evils of superstitions. We must eradicate ignorance, fear of the unknown, the ideas of existence of evil spirits through dissemination of scientific knowledge and enlightenment in order superstition essay root out superstitions from our minds.

In India there are many superstitions. Beliefs in ghosts, witches, superstition essay, spirits, age old rotten customs and traditions are to be found almost everywhere in India. For thousands and thousands of people in India superstitions are synominous with religion because they are weak-minded and rationally not developed. They are victims superstition essay the superstitions and irrational rotten faiths in the guise of religion, traditions and rituals.

Not long ago small-pox was considered as the result of the wrath of a goddess. Still in many villages and towns the goddess Shitala is worshipped as the authoress of small-pox.

Similarly, superstition essay, sneezing at the start of a work or a travel is considered as an evil portent. The crossing of a cat while you are going for some work is also regarded as equally ominous. In such an event it is presumed that the work is sure to end in failure. The barking of a dog, the crying of a cat, the howling of a jackal and broying of an ass are also taken as ominous, superstition essay.

But a man or woman, with a pitcher full of water, crossing your way, a sweeper sweeping the road before you, are superstition essay upon as auspicious. There are certain days and hours which are auspicious. The people of India have set beliefs and want to perform work accordingly. They consult an astrologer or a priest for an auspicious movement to start an important work or a journey. The time and date of a marriage, inauguration, foundation laying of a house, start of a business, superstition essay. There are certain inauspicious days and months when no good and important work can be undertaken.

For the Indians the sun-eclipse, the sight of a comet and a shooting star are superstition essay ominous. They signify some disaster or national tragedy to them. It is belief that has no basis in reason. It is the daughter of Ignorance and Fear. The word means, literally, standing over—standing still at a thing in fear and awe.

In religion, superstition means irrational fear of the mysterious, and reverence for objects that are no proper objects of worship. Ignorant savages have no scientific knowledge of what we call the forces of nature. They think the sun and the moon, fire and wind and wailer, are governed by super-natural beings, who sometimes seem kind, but more often terrible and cruel. These they fear and worship, superstition essay, and try to propitiate them with offerings, superstition essay and senseless rites.

And their imagination peoples the universe with imaginary beings—demons, ghosts and fairies. A tree is judged by its fruits; superstition essay the fruits of superstition are all evil, superstition essay. It has been responsible for a vast amount of cruelty, misery and madness. In old times men offered up human sacrifices to appease imaginary gods. In the Middle Ages, the belief in witchcraft led to the persecution of poor old women, who were believed to be in league with the Devil.

The Spanish Inquisition tortured and burnt thousands of innocent people, at superstition essay bidding of superstition. And even in civilized countries today, superstition essay, superstition produces narrow mindedness, bigotry and needless mental suffering.

Superstition is a thing of darkness; it cannot stand the light. It is a child of ignorance; it hates and flees from the face of knowledge. As knowledge increases, superstition decreases. Science, which has discovered the real forces of nature, has banished the old bogies of superstition—demons, ghosts, and goblins, and all the creations of fear and ignorance which once made men afraid.


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Jan 28,  · Essay on Superstitions in India. Category: Essays and Paragraphs On January 28, By Sanjoy Roy. Superstition refers to the excessive belief and ‘blind faith’ for the supernatural. It is the belief in some customs, rites and rituals that are usually baseless and without any reason. Apr 27,  · Essay On Superstition Superstition Essay – Introduction: A blind belief in augury, magic, omens hearsay. the baseless thing, illogical manners is finds a fertile soil and breeding ground in human ignorance and lack of scientific The Endless. Essay on Order and Superstition in the Tragedies of William Shakespeare - Order and Superstition in the Tragedies of Shakespeare The concept of order was an extremely important one to William Shakespeare, and to Elizabethans in general. We in the existentialist atomic age have little trouble conceiving of an individual man or woman as the only.